Seres (se12es) wrote,

NaruSasu 2014

here's a pic I drew of Naruto, fuckin love the shit out of him right now >.<

I wrote some soon-to-be-smut fanfiction it's a work in progress(not complete). Naruto/Sasuke and it's based after the Infinite Tsukuyomi starts...

"Ku...rama?" I looked around in the deep red room. I couldn't see him or sense him. I couldn't sense any of the beasts.

"He can't hear you." A velvet voice whispered into my ear. I spun around. Sasuke stood before me, eyes staring deeply

into me.

"You..." I started, "What have you done? Where are we?"

He laughed a little and rolled his eyes. "Don't need any pesky observers". He licked his lips slowly, delicately, keeping

eye contact with me the entire time.

"You fucking bastard..." I found myself shoved up against a red wall. He had fucking done it. We're in the middle of a

fight that will determine the future for the entire world, and he's dragged me into his tsukuyomi playground.

"Ku ku ku ku..." He smiled and dug his face into the nape of my neck. He took in one deep breath through his nose, taking

in my scent. Oh dear, gods.

"I could break out of this jutsu, you realise?" I felt a smile on his lips and a short huff.

"But you won't..." That conceited douchebag. That sadly, right douchebag. The craving welled up deep inside me, something

inherently beastly that rivals only my nine tails. It's been too long. Too long.

Before I knew it, my arms wrapped around his now broad shoulders and my hands tangled into his mess of thick locks. I

too, nested my face into his neck and snuggled into him.

Tags: drawing, fanfiction, naruto, sasuke
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