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Sink or Swim

As I slowly fall deeper in my world's abyss, time gently strokes me with acceptance. This is who I am. This is where I am. This is life, granted to you by mystical force. It is yours. You have one and one alone. Change the past can you not, live wastefully should you not, regret is inevitable, but regretting is living wastefully. It is wise to not dwell on your lost past, for if you do that, your present as we speak is being lost at the very same time. This is who I am, this is the life given to me. Nothing will change that, and only the steps you take yourself from now will ever matter. At this very moment. The step you are taking now, without worry for the step you took previously. And little by little, you will understand life is a road, and you are in the car, looking forward, and if you ever look back, time will catch you and rip you up to shreds. This is life. We live, we don't lived.
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Add me to MSN:
If you're wondering who this is.
It's your baby guhhhll <3 Ilu and miss you.
I added you to msn (misa/misha), I'm on it a lot really, but not always around to talk. Though I will get back to u when I can

also..I WUB U AND MISS U 2!!!!!!!!! u.u aitaiii~ sugoku D::: I keep our purikura in my wallet n look at it sometimes. Hehe buttsechz<3 I've talked to ...uhm.. that person who has a different name all the time recently too, which was good, n was just thinking about how much i miss u T________________T

i follow u on twitter too (something i use never) seresu
if u wanna add my facebook n we can chat there too =D

hope all is well, and ill be back to buttsechz u in melb or japan one day for sure :3


March 4 2011, 14:19:49 UTC 7 years ago

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