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[Vampire Knight] Stained Snow

Author-chan: Serenity-sama / T K K
Warning: Blood, usual suckysucky vampire stuff
Rating: *shifty eyes* ..M?

Slowly, slowly you walked out into the land of shiro. Ground crunching beneath your feet like the ashburn and chestnut leaves of autumn. You held out your hand behind yourself in invitation, I didn't have to think before taking it. I remember the warmth of your hand, resonating from your fingers, filling my body with heat, from the tips of my fingers to my chest. I choked on my breath and you turned around, concern etched in your ageless, beautiful face.

"Are you okay, Yuuki?" Your voice had an elegance about it which almost made it sound as that of a whisper that was never meant to be heard. You were always so gentle. Such a kindred spirit. Leading me with your hand, and taking me to a far away place which will be kind to me. Safety. Like a father. Sometimes I would wonder if you were my father from the soft feelings you invoked inside of me. Even if that's as deep as your love was for me, I was okay with it. As long as you could always take me places, like that chilled winter day, it was enough.

"Hai, Oniisama" I said softly. I don't know what kind of look I had on my face, because I was a bit caught up in the moment, but you, with those loving eyes, smiled at me and continued onward.

With my mind boundless as the sky yet blank as the ground beneath my feet, we padded our ways to who knows where. Between staring for a few seconds at your impassive face and the lack of scenery, I would occasionally look back and guess how far away we were from our home. Where is our path taking us? At that time, I was still trying to come to terms with who I was and what it meant to no longer have an end.

Bit by bit, slowly but surely, when we had reached your destination, we stopped.

"We're here." I looked around, I finally saw it. All I saw was white. White everywhere, white in the sky, white under our feet, white on our coats, and white peacefully drifting and sitting happily onto your face and hair. There was nothing as far as my eyes could see. I was confused at first, but came to a quiet resolve that whatever you wanted to do was okay by me. All we needed was each other.

"Is this what it's like to live an eternity I wonder?" I mused by myself. I swept some hardened snow off your hair and shoulders. "Coming here of all places, just because we can?" I poked my tongue out. My tongue retreated on it's own accord, back to it's former place when I noticed your eyes flick to it. Your eyes met mine. I couldn't tell what you were thinking when you looked like that. Even though you're so pretty and pure, but that face.. I've long since dubbed it the black mask. I only wish now I could have taken it off all those times my eyes were met with that quiet sadness, which never wanted to be seen or heard. Only touched...

"Do I displease you?" Ever worried, over such silly words that I said. I wrapped my arms around your frosted furry bulk.

"No Kaname-oniisama...Never." My arms gripped you more and more tightly. Your arms found their way around my waist and you rested your head on my shoulder. "Every moment we're together feels like a dream, and I keep thinking I'll wake up at the academy and it was all just the point that it frightens me."

"Yuuki, can we stay this way for a while?" I felt a little distress in your voice. I started to panic with worry. What could possibly be wrong I wondered? Don't break. Don't break. Don't break. What exactly was I begging not to be broken? I wasn't even sure of that myself at the time...but now...

"Forever. Forever!" I didn't notice the tears welling inside my eyes. "Brother, I love you so much!" I brought my head to face him and bared my frosty lips to yours. You responded and before long we were tussling in the snow, where I finally lay pinned beneath you. No noise could be heard other than our violently heavy breathing which made clouds of white that exploded and just as quickly dissipated.

My body responded to the overwhelming desire within your eyes, and before I knew it, my head had moved on it's own to expose my partially covered neck to you. I still hadn't fully understood what it meant to be a vampire, but I was learning gradually every day, that our kind is vulnerable to be suddenly overcome by a primal and raw instinct. Our hunger for blood only matched by the ecstasy we experience as our life essence is drawn out by the ones we love. A bunch of fetish-driven perverts, really.

"Yuuki," your soft voice breathed out in yearning. I involuntarily shivered. Your face ever close to your goal, deeply breathing in and taking in my scent. The scent of your prey. The scent of the person you love with all your mind body and soul. I knew this, because ever since you awoke me from my ignorant slumber, during times of uncertainty and stillness, our thoughts became connected. I had never wanted more for fangs sunk so much into me, so deeply and savagely, than I did at that moment. Just my beloved brothers. As if reading my thoughts, your body shuddered a little.

"Do it Onii-sama, I understand, it's okay..." Before long my greatest wish was fulfilled in that one moment, as a rose pierced it's thorns into my neck, relieved by the long-awaited crimson flow seeping outside of my body. Soon our hands ravaged each other in a wild frenzy. Pulling and clawing and holding and caressing. Tearing, and tearing, until there's nothing left. Everything had become blurred, and I had moaned out loudly in rapture, for all the white barren land to hear.

"Ahh..Onii-sama.. sink them into me more! Rip me apart!" I screamed out, lost in the euphoria, the exhilarating pain and the rush of my brother taking me into him. I had said such provocative words! You complied to my wish and furthered your taking of my already injured flesh. I had never felt so good as I did then. My love was feeding on my life. Licking, sucking, digging, drinking, absorbing... loving me. Becoming one being. My hands snaked into your hair, in an attempt to hold on desperately to my binds of sanity. My world started to spin, I was floating on a high cloud, away from the world, away from it's worries, looking down at it pitifully. It will never feel what I am right now, nothing will, but this white land, and the crimson-stained snow below me. I am..I am in..

Out of nowhere, I came crashing down from my cloud back into my body. Reconnecting with my vampiric soul. Feeling elated. Kaname-Oniisama stared down at me, both of us breathing heavily, and my own blood splattering down from your chin and onto my face. I've never seen a more sexier Kaname. We were smiling satisfactorily. I leant up and licked your face free of my blood and you kissed off the mess made on my face. Just like a couple of beasts. I thought back on a past conversation. How ironic.

"Was it tasty Onii-sama?" I said cheekily. You then supported your weight above me and we stared into each others eyes for what seemed an eternity. How could I possibly love anyone else for the rest of my life? It just wasn't fathomable. Our love was sure.

"Tottemo oishikatta yo, Yuuki.(Very)" Smiling, you moved off me and opted to lay next to me. I could still smell the scent of my blood permeating the air. I was still bathing in the crystallised garnets under my head. I never wanted to leave this patch of snow. This is the sanctuary where I was loved by Kaname. I moved my hand to yours and you grabbed it and kissed it softly, and we lay there on our backs in the snow, holding hands, staring into the untainted sky, which no longer mirrored it's turf, and shyly gazed back upon us for who knows how long.

After a while, the silence was broken by a single sentence.

"I'm so glad you were born." Your gentle whispers seemed to echo everlastingly, because the snowflakes drifted those feelings to each other, bouncing among themselves. Of a pure blood vampire king, who loved his pure blood vampire princess. At this place, at this time.

As I cuddled up to your loving warmth, I had then understood,

... you had brought me to heaven. Even if it was just for this moment.
Thank you for loving me.


post academy-boomboom / pre Doom that i know is going to happen T_T
please let yuuki and kaname live happily forever T_T *cries more*

~hai, it's been a while since I wrote something and I needed to express something. Hope you enjoyed.
Tags: fanfiction, kaname, vampire knight, vksmut, yuuki
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