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The Sleeping Dragon's quote emporium.

I love this guy.
He makes fucking retarded comments frequently when he logs in irc. So I want to record them for future funnies. (lolz shits and giggles)

May 9th - No to lyf

btw, continue your conversation
i dont understand the meaning by your butt ops? <===WTF?
will you do yourself a favour and get angel?^^
itll help you really alot
u really want it have bb at dis age?
Misa|sAPedoBear> yup
Misa|sAPedoBear> bb = lyf
u still young at the age of 21
u know dat
Misa|sAPedoBear> yep
you should be independence first den have bb. dont rely on anyone else.

Thanks Dr Seuss.

11th May - Suppress those peasants!

[21:34] SleepingDragon> misa
[21:34] SleepingDragon> my ppl is rioting
[21:34] SleepingDragon> wat can i do to suppress them
[21:36] Misa> no can
[21:36] Misa> must wait it out.

15th may wut so bad abot dat?

[08:19] Stack-A-Lack> guess what urban dictionary says
[08:19] Snelhest> what does it say?
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> lol what do you think
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> eat 315 up, 72 down
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> 1)chewing food...than swallowing it is one definition
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> 2)or basically lick someone's vagina
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> ...yuck
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> 1)I eat at wendy's.
[08:20] Stack-A-Lack> 2)I got to eat Wendy.
[08:22] Snelhest> I was more like thinking of checking the "a" section of ud
[08:22] SleepingDragon> lick vagina?
[08:23] SleepingDragon> wat so bad abot dat?

[08:26] SleepingDragon> hihihih!!! wat you have tasted? vagina or cock or boobs

Sleeping, the ever inquisitive Dragon. All to eager to dirty the chat.
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