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L ist for Lick my Neck, My Back, My... Kaname-sama <3

My secret world of nekkid bishies~sparkle sparkle~ "I lol @ you sir."

some of this journal is friends only..bleh.. just introduce yourself in a public entry before friending me and i'll friend you back ^.^
Time for another profile update. Hmm, I just really wanted to say something about me, and boys, and me. For the loooooooongest time, maybe about 5 years, I've been obsessed with anime or manga guys.. and not real ones, but this is the first time in 5 years that I have seriously approved of a real life guy..I think I deserve a medal. Bill Kaulitz ich leibe dich ;P And I'm gonna steal all the sexy TH icons people make here, he's perfect. <3. aniway, that said and done..-leaves-
I still really love cooking with bananas, somewhere along the path of life, I became obsessed with cookies..and then bananas..and now it's banana cookies. I have a community called bananacookies about cooking and bananas stuff. Join it if you like!! ^^. I'm 1 of 3 L Buttsechs Baka tachi tenshi. The other two are grungy_hamster and otoshigami/_shewillshatter. <3. I love you guys! hehe. We are obsessed with L...and DN..and DN yaoi in general. And we would like to get into L's pants.....lol><. My other little groupie thing I have going is the GNAA loving people who are GNAA wannabes..namely me and clydev. And that's it. I'm his african brother. LOL.
[erases lots of random fangirling ^^]
The only guy I think about now is Bill, I'm a pedaphile lol, but hes 18 next month so =P He's going to be my husband!!! ..k I'm done. No I'm not. HAVE MY BABIES ROMI PAKU! Sigh~~~~ COOKIE!


YAY! Here ish the neue initiations fur teh bandz!

Welcome to teh best fandom evaaaa ! If you want to be initiated contact mehhhhhhh.

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I Love Neji

MMM..Neji!!!!!!<3<3<3<3 I love you, my darling!

Also a biiiiig ty to sidh for makin mah layout. I LOVE YOU!

Thankyou for the background of my current layout kuroineko =3. I'm never going to change it? lol..

Oh yeah.....I didn't make one of these LJ's to angst and crawl on the floor emoing..... But I like to complain alot, and rant, and I love to just talk crap about stuff...like uh, Neji! And bananas. And possibly Neji's banana.

und seine Banane

Mai haani bill ;)

Tokio Hotel donated over 9million Euro of concert revenue (that's about 14-15mils AUD) to the Ein Herz Fuer Kinder ( a heart for children) charity last year! That is just so amazing about their efforts to help unfortunate children around the world, and I'm no longer plugging a shitty american site becawz they aren't non-american frendliessssss =]]]]
looOOOOOOk <--australianz saaaaaaait

I would like to put my real msn email address, but someone from 5 years ago was internet stalking me lol! (looking up 2 email addresses my retard friend gave him) via google. Sorri^^" feel free to ask me though!